Mojca Kocbek Vimos and Primož Boršič: Water Sculpture

There are several classical ways of designing a fountain, and the authors of this project were purposefully trying to avoid all of them. Because of the systematical and innovative approach to the project, the end result is equally outstanding. The fountain will be located on one of the busiest streets in Ljubljana, near an important

Landscape intelligence for a territorial platform

Design Driven by Natural Forces The building material in landscape architecture is living matter. Such building material is always alive, and it can be organic matter like plants, inorganic material which acts as alive, for example river sand moved by water, or inorganic matter like stone or concrete, which is a conglomerate of organic matter.

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Spirits of Production

Over the centuries, the vast Sečovlje salterns, the shallow point of contact between the fresh waters of the Dragonja River and the sea of the Bay of Piran, have been imprinted with a grid of canals, levees and dunes. Every so often, stone houses, most of them in ruins, stand at intersecting lines, dotted on

Water – the main thread in the tapestry of life

Dr. Lučka Kajfež Bogataj   Introduction Water is a natural asset of our planet, and essential for survival and the evolution of humanity and ecosystems. It is the main component of living creatures, as it is an excellent coolant, solvent, diluent, lubricant, nutrient and transport medium in cells and in the body. Water is also

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The River Mura

What all belongs to the Mura? The wind does. The wind they call a “wind that makes the Mura freeze”, coming from afar on its Asian horse, hurrying just to give her a silvery virgin belt. The clouds do. The clouds that, instead of going to the skies, go to the Mura “to quench their

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Wishing Well or Fountain of Wisdom?

A spectre is haunting Slovene architecture. An apparition of a strange building: a hall constructed out of leaning columns, covered by a dome and crowned by a gigantic cone. It is strangely undetermined but instantly recognizable; both classical and uncanny; it doesn’t physically exist yet it is found in many places at once, as befitting

Interview with Rok Rozman

Free rivers, free minds Almost 3,000 new hydro-power plants are planned on Balkan rivers. One of the people warning about the possible consequences of such developments and interventions in waterways is Rok Rozman, former Olympic athlete, biologist and the initiator of the Balkan Rivers Tour. Together with a group of other kayaking enthusiasts, he organises